Auditions: The King and I

By Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein III

Dustin Oliver, Director
Kristen Johnson, Music Director
Amie Wesley Gable, Choreographer
D. Keith Stiver and Marc C. Howard, Co-Producers

AUDITION Dates & Times

Sunday Jan. 14
2 to 4 pm Children’s Audition
6 to 8 pm Adult Audition
Monday Jan. 15
7 to 9 pm Adult Audition

6 to 8 pm Sunday Jan. 21

115 E. Pioneer Trail, Aurora, OH 44202

Ages 9 through Adult

  • What to Prepare
  • Please bring resume and headshot
  • Prepare 16-32 measures of a classic Broadway song NOT from The King & I
  • Prepare your sheet music for an accompanist.
  • No acapella or taped music
  • If invited to callbacks, scene work, choreography, and further music will be given.

Rehearsals Begin Sun. March 4


8 pm Fridays & Saturdays April 27 – May 19
3 pm Sundays May 6 & 13

For questions or further information, contact the director, Dustin Oliver, at


The King & I Character Descriptions

King of Siam – Male (stage age 40s-50s), Baritone (C3-E4), philosophical, progressive, though somewhat temperamental and stubborn, he leads his country into a new age with one foot still in the old one. Songs include, “A Puzzlement,” “Song of the King,” and “Shall We Dance.” Dancing involved.

Anna Leonowens – Female (stage age 30s-40s), Soprano (B3-D5), high-minded yet compassionate, she takes on the ancient traditions of Siam as a teacher in the Royal Court. Songs include, “Whistle a Happy Tune,” “Hello, Young Lovers,” “Getting to Know You,” “Shall I Tell You What I Think of You,” and “Shall We Dance.” Dancing involved.

The Kralahome – Male (stage age 40s-50s), non-singing, authoritative and loyal, he looks out for the King’s best interest while serving as his right-hand man.

Captain Orton – Male (stage age 40s-60s), non-singing, veteran English sea captain, protective of Anna and her son, Louis. May be cross cast.

Sir Edward Ramsay – Male (stage age 30s-40s), non-singing, well-mannered English official with a keen interest in Anna from his youth. May be cross cast. Dancing involved.

Lun Tha – Male (stage age 20s), Tenor (C3-G4), emissary of the Prince of Burma who falls helplessly in love with his country’s “present” to the King, Tuptim. Songs include, “We Kiss in a Shadow” and “I Have Dreamed.” Dancing involved.

Tuptim – Female (stage age 20s), Soprano (C4-G5), idealistic and rebellious, she is a “present” from the Prince of Burma who falls for his emissary, Lun Tha. Songs include, “My Lord and Master,” “We Kiss in a Shadow,” “I Have Dreamed,” and “The Small House of Uncle Thomas” (narrator). Dancing involved.

Lady Thiang – Female (stage age 40s), Mezzo-Soprano (C#4-G5), curious and insightful, she is one of the King’s many wives and the mother of the crowned prince, Chulalongkorn. Songs include, “Something Wonderful” and “Western People Funny.” Dancing involved.

Prince Chulalongkorn – Male (stage age 11-12), High Tenor (G3-A4), intelligent and opinionated, he is the crowned prince of Siam who constantly questions the world around him. Songs include, “The Royal Bangkok Academy” (ensemble) and “Reprise: A Puzzlement.” Dancing involved.

Louis Leonowens – Male (stage age 9-10), High Tenor (G3-B4), the dutiful son of Anna, he quickly makes friends with Prince Chulalongkorn as he stands in awe of his new surroundings. Songs include, “I Whistle a Happy Tune,” “The Royal Bangkok Academy” (ensemble), and “Reprise: A Puzzlement.” Dancing involved.

The Interpreter – Male (stage age 20s-60s), non-singing, a faithful servant of the King, he carries out his interpreter duties with fear and trembling. May be cross cast.

Phra Alack – Male (stage age 20s-60s), non-singing, the King’s personal secretary. May be cross cast.

Princess Ying Yaowalak – Female (stage age 9-10), a young daughter of the king and one of Anna’s pupils. Songs include, “The Royal Bangkok Academy” (ensemble) and “Getting to Know You” (ensemble). Dancing involved.

Royal Children – Male/Female (stage ages 9-13), sons/daughters of the King and pupils of Anna. Songs include, “The Royal Bangkok Academy” and “Getting to Know You.” Dancing involved.

Wives – Female (stage ages late teens-50s), wives of the King and mothers of the Royal Children whose ensemble numbers include, “The Royal Bangkok Academy,” “Getting to Know You,” “Western People Funny,” and “The Small House of Uncle Thomas.” Dancing involved.

Ensemble – Male/Female (stage ages late teens-50s), slaves, servants, Amazons, dancers, priests, etc. Dancing/Singing involved.

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