Your Contribution is Invaluable

Theatre members and volunteers have long been the base of our theatre’s ongoing success. It is because of hard working individuals who devote time and energy into each performance that we have been able to deliver quality and professional performances over the years. We implore you to please get involved with the theatre. Not only is it educational, but we all have fun. No matter what discipline you are interested in from acting, stage crew, technical, music, ticket sales, intermission, ushers, and more there is a spot for you at A.C.T.

On Stage

We are always looking for new and fresh faces to become part of the theatre. If you are interested in becoming part of our current show, or a show that is coming up, we encourage you to try out and contact our staff. Earn local fame at the same time you gain experience. Directors and assistant directors are also welcome.

Back Stage

So the bug of the back stage got a hold of you, huh? Well then you have found the right place. Our backstage crews work first hand with the cast and entire crew to bring to life the magic that is unseen. Whether you are a band member, a set placement specialist, or a carpenter your contribution is needed just as much.


The all knowing and powerful controllers of the technical aspects to the production. You man the sound board, light board, and work very closely with every discipline of the production. Skills and knowledge of light boards, lights, microphones, stereo equipment and sound boards is recommended however mentoring is available for newbies interested in this discipline.

Off Stage

Volunteering is not limited exclusively to what goes on in the show, we need help with off stage items as well. If you would like to help with ticket sales, advertising, intermission, and any other aspect of our theatre we would love to hear from you. Contact us at your convenience.

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