Group Sales

GROUPS OF 15 OR MORE, the regular priced adult ticket is reduced from $18 to $14, a ticket for children or youth age 18 and under is reduced from $13 to $11.

GROUPS OF 20 OR MORE, the same price reduction (from $18 to $14; $13 to $1) applies PLUS, ACT hosts a free party BEFORE THE SHOW featuring light refreshments and beverages for your group. (PLEASE NOTE: Group parties are not offered on Opening Night or Closing Night.)

Group Sale Ticket Procedure:

  • Group coordinator will estimate the group’s potential attendance
  • Next, coordinator will call or e-mail the ACT Box Office with a preferred date and estimated attendance.
  • ACT Box Office will then place a temporary hold on the best seats available for group, taking them off sale to the general public. (Available seats can be viewed online anytime by logging on to, then clicking “Buy Online,” selecting performance date and viewing the seating chart).
  • Two weeks before selected performance, coordinator will notify the Box Office with any significant fluctuations to original estimate, either higher or lower.
  • Then, no later than Monday of the performance week EITHER

o   Group coordinator or designee will meet with the ACT Box Office representative to exchange money for tickets to complete the sale  OR

o   Group coordinator will have mailed a check to arrive at ACT no later than the Monday before selected performance  OR

o   Group coordinator will provide the Box Office with a credit card number to complete the sale

  • Once the tickets are paid in full, the group coordinator will receive all tickets and a seating chart with group’s seats highlighted to facilitate distribution. Each group is responsible for distributing tickets to attendees. Tickets will NOT be held for individual distribution by the Box Office.

Please note that once tickets are paid in full, the sale is final. While ACT tickets are exchangeable up to 24 hours before curtain, tickets are nonrefundable.


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